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Genres: Horror
Actors: Helene Roberts , Doreen Ellis , Howard Neilsen , Alan Cooper , Ken Rouse , Paul M. Jensen , Suzie Neumeyer , Nancy Vrooman , Edward E. Pixley , Steve Sweet , Pat Canestro , Kathy Curtin , Bill Schlageter , Ken Fisher , Roger Watkins
Director: Roger Watkins
Country: United States
Year: 1977
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 (813 votes)

After serving 1 year in jail a guy decides to repay the society by making some snuff-films. Four people are captured, tied up and held as material for his project. One by one they are killed in scenes for the camera. A woman has her limbs sawn of while he keep her concious. Another victim is killed by a power drill.

Film Review

"The Last House on Dead End Street", the brainchild of writer / director / star Roger Watkins, is the kind of utterly potent trash flick that one respects & admires even if they don't quite enjoy it. It refuses to ever be playful or fun, which makes it worlds apart from modern exploitation throwback films, which are often full of that wink-wink / self-conscious attitude. This is deadly serious stuff. It tells the story of a depraved reprobate named Terry Hawkins, played by Watkins, a pornographer who's served time in prison and is now seething with anger and contempt for society in general. Now he's determined to get revenge by shooting extra special stuff – not just run of the mill low budget adult fare but out and out snuff. His pacing of this twisted nightmare of a film is very deliberate, which might displease some viewers hoping for more action and less talk, but this is what allows the grim, scuzzy, depressing atmosphere to really take hold. I'…

???According to urban legend, the Manson family not only conducted bizarre ritual murders, they also filmed them for posterity and somewhere deep in the California desert, its reputed that the canisters holding said antics are buried far beneath the sand, ripe for re-discovery by some hapless soul. I think Last House on Dead-end Street would prove to be an accurate primer of whatever was stored on those unholy frames, or at least a realistic portrayal of the mindset it takes to mount such a twisted home movie.Terry Hawkins, freshly released from the big house, sets out to make snuff films and succeeds past his wildest expectations when he orchestrates the elaborately choreographed execution of his business associates for assuming the credit for his new underground film movement.As its been said before & which I swear by, 'bad' movies can be sublime, achieving the indefinable in their steadfast refusal to play by the rules, getting surreal results 'good' movies…

The Last House on Dead End Street starts as Terry Hawkins (editor, writer, producer & director Roger Michael Watkins as Steven Morrison) is released from a New York State penitentiary after serving a year for the possession & sale of dangerous drugs, he is somewhat bitter & twisted at having the last year of his life taken away & decides to do something for which he will be remembered. He was once an amateur porn filmmaker & sees this as a way to make some money & leave a lasting impression on society… Terry recruits four other misfits, a cow molesting slaughterhouse worker named Ken Hardy (cinematographer Ken Fisher as Dennis Crawford), a young & easily impressionable cameraman Bill Drexel (Bill Schlageter as Lawrence Bornman) plus two desperate for money women named Kathy Hughes (Kathy Curtin as Janet Sorely) & Patricia Kuhn (Pat Canestro as Elaine Norcross). Together they lure four unsuspecting porn peddler's, the money-man Steve Randall (Steve…

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