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Genres: Western
Actors: Robert Taylor , Julie London , John Cassavetes , Donald Crisp , Charles McGraw , Royal Dano , Richard Erdman , Douglas Spencer , Ray Teal
Director: Robert Parrish
Country: United States
Year: 1958
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (500 votes)

Steve Sinclair is a world a world-weary former gunslinger, now living as a peaceful farmer. Things go wrong when his wild younger brother Tony arrives on the scene with his new bride Joan Blake.

Film Review

"Saddle the Wind" is the first of two 1958 Westerns in which Taylor plays a reformed outlaw… He is cast opposite a promising newcomer John Cassavetes… The sexy and flamboyant Julie London provides the love interest but her role is poorly defined and almost working from outside the plot…Robert Taylor is a personality on screen rather than an actor… He plays here an ex-gunfighter who has reformed and is living and working on his ranch peacefully… But fate will not allow him to retire… Cassavetes, his wild young unstable brother shows up carrying a six-gun, and with a sexy dance-hall singer London…Cassavetes’ intensity did add excitement to the show… He shoots down a tough character and with his killer instinct now waked up, he attacks a group of homesteaders led by Royal Dano and sets fire to their belongings… This battle has much more cinematic electricity than the final confrontation between the two brothers…Strong landowner (Donald Crisp) imposes himself…

A violent western which,in spite of a happy end -a bit artificial-, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.John Cassavetes 's presence is strange and his playing is more modern than the rest of the cast;it is not easy to believe he is Robert Taylor's brother,but why not? Tony comes from a family that has a history of mental sickness:didn't he see his brother kill several men when he was at such an early age?As soon as Tony appears on the screen ,we know his fate is sealed ;the scene where he shoots at his reflection in the water is prophetic.If you pay some attention,you'll notice that Tony and his brother Steve are almost wearing the same clothes (see the scene with the Yankees and the final scenes where Robert Parrish substitutes close -up shots for his panoramic ones) Joan (Julie London who sings the eponymous lovely title track ) could be his salvation ,but this girl has always a racy past (not THAT girl! says Steve).She would like to pick up the pieces ,to start a bra…

What makes this western "special," is that it appears to follow the traditional lines of the genre: reformed gunfighter tries to deter his wild, younger brother from following in his path. Younger brother's fiancée attracted to elder brother: Local area dominated by powerful cattle baron. It diverts from the norm however by the reformed gunfighter refusing to revert to his violent ways, even under extreme provocation, the attraction between the fiancée and the elder brother remaining obvious but unspoken and most notably, by the the powerful cattle baron being entirely non-stereotypical. This one,is dignified and committed to non- violence and fair-mindedness. If that makes it sound like a boring western, it isn't. The acting, script and direction are first class and make it one of the better westerns of that generation.

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