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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Horror
Actors: Chris Sharp , Kate Porterfield , Tess Porterfield Lovell , Damon Lindsay , Macon Blair , Stacy Rock , Skei Saulnier , Paul Goldblatt , William Lacey , Alex Barnett , Bill Tangradi , Beryl Guceri , Michael Clomegah , Beau Sia , David Zellerford
Director: Jeremy Saulnier
Country: United States
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (2395 votes)

On Halloween Eve in Brooklyn, an average Joe loser named Chris finds an invitation to a costume party. Arriving at the “party”, Chris discovers he’s fallen prey to the lethal trap set by deranged artists. As the night wears on, rivalries within the group flare up. A body count accrues, and Chris must take advantage of the ensuing chaos if he’s to survive the night.

Film Review

MURDER PARTY is a supposed spoof of slasher movies, thrillers where people are held hostage as well as a vehicle for poking fun at art generally.The plot sees Chris, a somewhat lonely guy who lives alone with a cat, finding an invitation to a murder party. He makes a very ridiculous Sir Lancelot costume from cardboard boxes and goes to the party, which is held at a warehouse. There is no party and Chris finds himself trapped by a group of deranged drug addicts who plan to kill him and film the act.The first few minutes of the movie were quite good and suitably misleading for what is to follow. There was nothing funny but Chris was an interesting character to start with. He would have been great in a different movie.By the time he gets to the party, things go downhill quickly. This would have been better if made as a serious horror/thriller since its attempts to be funny come off as downright ridiculous or plain bizarre.Chris Sharp plays the lead role very well. His reactions were well…

Despite the silly name, Murder Party is a surprisingly well-made movie that takes itself seriously only in the bits where it mattered. The director described it as "Breakfast Club but with chainsaws and hard drugs" but I felt like it was more Tarantino meets Kevin Smith and they get together and double team Sam Raimi. Which I guess kinda gets the same effect. But still.The plot is a stereotypically simple one: Lonely guy finds an invite to a "murder party" (see what they did there?) and decides to attend out of boredom (and because his cat, Sir Lancelot, refuses to get out of his chair). This plunges him into a nightmare world where dimwitted hipster art-major-flunkies vie desperately for the attention their friend Alexander through MurderArt™ (i.e. they plan to kill the main character for the sake of art) and also take entirely too many drugs while doing it. Meanwhile, our hero, who's almost as idiotic as his captors, is sitting in his goofy-ass cardboar…

Judging by the other reviews it seems you will either love or hate this movie. As for me, I absolutely loved it. It may even be my new favorite movie. I went into this with ZERO expectations but when it was over I immediately wanted to watch it again and I did. I have never had that with any other movie.I'm really not even sure what it is I like so much about this movie. Its just so subtle and different from all the rubbish you usually get in a horror movie. Its bloody but only when it needs to be and… It just works, everything just works for me. I cant properly express my love for this movie. I'm going to go watch it again and try to figure it out.Basically I am going to go buy this movie now and if your sick of the usually bad horror movies you should too. Even if you don't like it someone you know will, give it to them.

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