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Genres: Thriller
Actors: Anna Drijver , Fedja van Huêt , Barry Atsma , Kim van Kooten , Katja Herbers , Charlie Dagelet , Rik Launspach , Jeroen van Koningsbrugge , Sallie Harmsen , Chico Kenzari , Lies Visschedijk , Raymond Thiry , Hadewych Minis , Gijs Naber , Renée Fokker
Director: Antoinette Beumer
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (2314 votes)

Five best friends, all married, decide to share a loft apartment. In this loft they meet their mistresses and conquests. Everything seems perfect, until one morning the body of an unknown young woman is found in the loft. The group of friends begin to suspect each other and it soon becomes clear that they know far less about each other than they had initially thought.

Film Review

I had to watch this film with subtitles as I'm not fluent in Dutch. I haven't seen the original version but after seeing this I intend to watch it to see how it compares.I spent the entire film trying to guess who dunnit with my mind changing at every turn but never able to see the twist at the end. Yet on top of that twist there was another! I couldn't believe how well written it was. There were certain scenes that were filmed beautifully, there's a flashback scene of Mat where the camera does a 360 degree turn around him. You have to see it to truly appreciate it.Overall it's definitely worth a watch, subtitles or no subtitles, a good film makes it easy to forget them. The characters are easy to pick up, yet complex enough to keep a good narrative going. You'll cringe, you'll laugh and you'll be hanging on the edge of your seat to find out who the murderer is.

In the first place I thought this was a marvellous movie. The settings, the filming, the actors – all is quite exquisite. The construction with many jumps in the time line ensures viewer's attention. But then you give it a second thought. The police knows details hardly to investigate – relation stuff. But the main point for me to devaluate this movie is the more or less first scene when Robert (Gijs Naber) comes into the loft and his astonished reaction to the scene (the dead body and the bloodshed). This reaction is totally false. It dazzles the viewer and it is meant to do so! It is false because Robert was present when the girl was cut. Very annoying from hindsight. Other things pop up then. Why does Robert for instance also know that Matthias (Atsma) deflowered Tom's sister? Why were the friends coming to the loft when Tom had raped the other girl? Great filming though but a too clumsy story/script.

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