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Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Sci-Fi
Actors: Malgorzata Foremniak , Wladyslaw Kowalski , Jerzy Gudejko , Dariusz Biskupski , Bartlomiej Swiderski , Katarzyna Bargielowska , Alicja Sapryk , Michal Breitenwald , Zuzanna Kasz , Adam Szyszkowski , Krzysztof Szczerbinski , Marek Stawinski , Jaroslaw Budnik , Andrzej Debski
Director: Mamoru Oshii
Country: Japan
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (9103 votes)

In a future world, young people are increasingly becoming addicted to an illegal (and potentially deadly) battle simulation game called Avalon. When Ash, a star player, hears of rumors that a more advanced level of the game exists somewhere, she gives up her loner ways and joins a gang of explorers. Even if she finds the gateway to the next level, will she ever be able to come back to reality?

Film Review

A typical Mamoru Oshii style film. Slow, heavy handed but often effective use of lens filters, dreary soundtrack, poor Foley work, cinema noir poses and some art-house meanderings. The story is so so, reasonably similar themes can be seen in a lot of work coming out of japan these days. Virtual reality or online identity cross merging with the real world. It is very anime in parts but I am not sure anime works for live action. In anime you can forgive some of the stiffness or the poor Foley but in live action it makes it feel a bit dead. A problem I have with all Oshii's film. The main actress is good. She does hold the film together. Not much is asked from her in terms of character development or script but she gives more than is on the written on the page and imbues the film with a feeling of lose, fading away, remorseful acceptance. I liked the film. I enjoy the theme. I thought the CGI was done well and there were some nice shots. The metaphors are a bit much but that is to b…

I was mighty excited to discover that AVALON was directed by the guy responsible for GHOST IN THE SHELL, which is my most-want-to-see movie due to its spiritual soundtrack and Matrix-inspiring concept. It has been said that one should first check out GHOST before AVALON to taste the style of the filmmaker. Well, I dived right into AVALON as my first encounter with Mamoru Oshii. The result is a visually appealing albeit mighty ambiguous treat.AVALON is ambiguous even by Japanese standards, but that’s what makes it interesting. The theme is reality vs illusion, and also technology’s impact on reality. In the future, reality becomes more boring and isolated, and individuals turn to an advanced virtual reality video game called Avalon that is capable of providing an exciting world. The video game is designed to consume the players’ lives. More dangerously, the game can directly alter the player’s reality. For example, if a player gets lost in the game, he becomes brain dead in real life (…

I cannot understand how some viewers can praise this "film". Probably they are fans of computer games and see it as a sort of extension of a game. For me it was a total cinematic disappointment: mediocre, wooden acting, with a poor and ugly actress as the main character, dreadful dialog, boring script, dreadfully ineffective, cartoonish action sequences, overall poor production values. The film looks really cheap,as if made in Poland during time of the martial law, when there was shortage of virtually everything. Even the choir music was rubbish, out of place and sounding artificially here. I seriously ponder if this is not THE worst movie I ever saw, and I tell ya I saw thousands of films in my life.

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