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Genres: Comedy , War
Actors: Dragan Nikolic , Nikola Djuricko , Katarina Zutic , Isidora Minic , Vojin Cetkovic , Katarina Radivojevic , Predrag Ejdus , Tihomir Stanic , Bogdan Diklic , Milorad Mandic , Mihajlo-Bata Paskaljevic , Goran Danicic , Dragomir Cumic , Vlasta Velisavljevic , Josif Tatic
Director: Zdravko Sotra
Country: Serbia and Montenegro
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 (305 votes)


Film Review

I refused to see this movie when it came out, because all the comments I read were awful. Lately, it came out on DVD and a friend bought it, so I decided to spend a boring Monday evening on it. I shouldn’t have. It’s one of the worst movies ever made. I don’t know how they managed to get some top actors like Dragan Nikolic and Bata Paskaljevic? But, even they were very very disappointing!!! I will rather not mention the others, for example Katarina Radivojevic, who had, I guess, the hardest time of her lifetime trying to act and remember the sentences learned in German. I really don’t know why they made the movie (most of it) in German? No one of the actors is a native German speaker, and for someone who is familiar with this language it’s impossible to watch this movie without thinking seriously of suicide or eating the DVD cover. Furtheron, the movie looks pretty cheap, and you can see air-conditions in the back ( 1941 ), modern glass buildings, even children wearing Nike sneakers!?…

How to describe this movie??? Well, for first I must say that this movie is a complete disaster, and another insult to Serbian cinematography. Story is about two thieves caught in the middle of II World War, between two sides, trying to save their lives. In the middle of movie they decide to revenge hatred Nazi side.Allthought, last couple Sotra’s movies are commercial and shallow, this one has reached ultimate frontiers. It’s very interesting that this movie hasn’t achieved big success in country where every domestic movie has great audience. In this one movie director tried to combine some antological Serbian movies and something like dumb & dumber. Result is something called movie in which actors, although big stars, act like beginners. Along with two main roles come their wives, who’s act like children. Story of the movie is not so shallow, as it is realization of it. But it is full of flaws. After all, this movie for me is something you shouldn’t watch if you have any respect…

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