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Genres: Drama
Actors: Mark Polish , Michael Polish , Michele Hicks , Jon Gries , Patrick Bauchau , Garrett Morris , William Katt , Lesley Ann Warren , Teresa Hill , Robert Beecher , Jill Andre , Ant , Holly Woodlawn , Sasha Alexander , Socorra Mora
Director: Michael Polish
Country: United States
Year: 1999
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (3084 votes)

Francis and Blake Falls are Siamese twins who live in a neat little room in a rundown hotel. While sharing some organs, Blake is always fit and Francis is very sickly. Into their world comes a young lady, who turns their world upside down. She gets involved with Blake, and convinces the two to attend a Halloween party, where they can pass themselves off as wearing a costume. Eventually Francis becomes really ill, and they have to be separated. They then face the physical and mental strains that come from their proposed separation. Viewers will be inclined to believe that the two are really Siamese twins, but in fact they are simply real-life brothers playing the parts convincingly.

Film Review

I'm not sure why people were so venomous about the acting and the storyline of this movie. I thought, given the situation of "Blake and Francis," that if this were a real set of Siamese twins, there would not be a lot to feel giddy about. I liked it. I thought it was original and really makes one stop and evaluate his/her own life. We are darn lucky to be whole and healthy. We'd have no idea what it'd be like to be joined together having to try and live a normal life. My congratulations to the Polish brothers. Outstanding work, boys. If either actor had shown a variety of emotions, it would have been totally unrealistic. I know I'd not be happy if I had to drag someone around knowing she'd die before I. The critics of this film need to stop and think before they make cruel comments. I lost my sister, and she was not a my Siamese twin, but she was my best friend, and since her death, I've been gloomy. But like Francis said, "Every story has a happ…

I had seen this movie announced on my cable a couple of times before. The title itself meant nothing to me. Earlier today while browsing through the movie channels I caught the beginning of it. I still had my doubts about seeing it, specially since in a different channel there was a movie about a Gambler in Vegas. I love Vegas, I’ve been there at least 60 times in my lifetime, so anything related to it, I love. I did go back and forth between the 2 channels a couple of times, but at the end something fascinated me about these siamese twins and their beautiful girlfriend, Penny so I stayed with this one. I could not have made a better decision. I live in Mexico, and was watching the movie with Spanish subtitles. The movie title was translated to Spanish as "Strange fascination". As the story develops, you can go through many different emotions. Love, compassion, sadness, happiness and any other you can think of. You are carried in a strange fascination throughout the developm…

This film sucks, and sucks bad. If you were one of the people that said they cried during this film, I wonder what kind of people you are. This film was in no way a tear jerker, but then again, I don’t cry at movies anyway. However, if you’d like to see a movie which is moving, watch "Sometimes in April" or "Hotel Rwanda". If genocide of more than 800,000 people doesn’t make you cry, what will? If you liked this film, more power to you-to each their own. BUT, if you’re one of the fools who commented on the acting being "great", then it’s obvious you were extremely high on opiates when you saw this, or you don’t have any idea of what great acting really is.The acting in this film was absolutely horrible. In fact, the only good acting in this horrible film, was the black guy from Martin that thought he was Jesus.The film’s writers were the same as the so-called "stars" of the film. One of which must be dating the worst actress ever (Michelle Hicks…

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