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Genres: Mystery
Actors: James Coburn , Jennifer O’Neill , Pat Hingle , Skye Aubrey , Elizabeth Allen , John Fink , Dan O’Herlihy , James Hong , Alex Dreier , Michael Blodgett , Regis Toomey , Steve Carlson , Rosemary Edelman , Jennifer Edwards , John Hillerman
Director: Blake Edwards
Country: United States
Year: 1972
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (563 votes)

Dr. Peter Carey is a pathologist at a Boston hospital. The daughter of the hospital’s Chief of Staff dies after an illegal abortion goes wrong, and Carey’s friend and colleague Dr. David Tao is accused of performing the abortion. Carey doesn’t buy it, and so he digs deeper, angering the girl’s father in the process. Questions abound: Who performed the abortion? Was the girl really pregnant? And what does it have to do with stolen morphine, blackmail attempts, and a mysterious and dangerous masseur?

Film Review

**SPOILERS** James Coburn acting more like a hard boiled private dick then a doctor is out to find out who's responsible for the death of 15 year old Karen Randell, Melissa Torme-March. This in order to clear his friend and fellow Boston Memorial Hospital doctor David Tao, James Hong, who it turns out does illegal abortions on the side.Karen just happens to be the daughter of the head doctor of Boston Memorial J.D Randell, Dan O'Herlihy, and later it's discovered to Dr. Carey's surprise that he not only finds out from Dr. Tao that he didn't preform an abortion on Karen but after a police criminal postmortem it's revealed that she wasn't pregnant! The movie has Dr. Carey have a lady friend pretty hospital dietitian Georgia Hightower, Jennifer O'Neill, who by being totally wasted bogs down the story with a useless affair. There's an off-the-wall and ridiculous moment in the film where both Dr. Carey and Georgia are secretly photographer while in bed b…

James Coburn is a doctor trying to help another doctor who's accused of a botched abortion that results in a death in "The Carey Treatment," a 1972 film that also stars Jennifer O'Neill, Pat Hingle, James Hong, Ed Herlihy, and Skye Aubrey.The movie was made on location, using a lot of exteriors of Mass General Hospital. The inside of the hospital looked very familiar as well, but it's been so many years, I couldn't place it. Having lived in Boston at one time, it was great to see all all of the location shots.The daughter of a hospital benefactor dies at 15 from a botched abortion, and a doctor who secretly performs abortions (Hong) because he's opposed to wire hangers is accused. His pathologist friend, Carey, a newcomer to the hospital, investigates, and the case takes another direction.The story is interesting but not very well done. There's a very late '60s, early '70s feel to the film (naturally, since that's when it was made…

A tightly wound thriller buoyed by a great James Coburn performance. He plays a doctor in Boston trying to find out who caused the death of the daughter of the hospital's chief of staff. He runs into one roadblock after another as he tries to clear a colleague (James Hong) of the crime. Coburn has never been so good and the supporting cast is first rate: Pat Hingle, Dan O'Herlihy, Michael Blodgett as a very sleazy masseuse. Jennifer O'Neill is the love interest & she's terrific. Directed with a lot of finesse by Blake Edwards with a very clever script by John Black (based on a book by Michael Crichton). Edward makes great use of the Boston locations, including some of the sleazier sections of town. The cinematography is by Frank Stanley.

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